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Management of maintenance processes is an integral part of the operation of buildings and premises.Chastia FM handles planned maintenance (inspections and revisions, preventive maintenance, planned maintenance according to manufacturer’s instructions or own regulations) as well as unscheduled maintenance via Chastia Helpdesk web add-on.

Maintenance management is supported by:

  • Extended records of technical equipment (inclusion in assets, exclusion from assets, inventory cards, …)
  • Equipment suppliers and maintenance suppliers monitoring
  • Objects and equipment wear-out monitoring
  • Maintenance planning, inspections, revisions, preventive maintenance
  • All applicable legislative standards and edicts (eg for inspections and revisions of specified technical equipment)
  • Test certificates recording and planning
  • Recording and planning the education training of professional staff
  • History of service interventions
  • Complaint monitoring
  • Taxes and fees registration and monitoring
  • Depreciation charges calculation or import from the accounting system
  • Records of maintenance material through own or external warehouse management
  • Quality standards monitoring
  • Warranty periods monitoring
  • Register components of measuring points (energy meters)
  • Plan calibration and repair of meters
  • Record the entire history of measuring point components in terms of calibration and repair
  • Record the entire history of measuring points from the point of view of the presence of the meters´ individual components at the measuring point