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Chastia FM allows centralized management of all documents necessary for the business operations of the company. Documents are attached to each information system object (IS object) and are accessible anywhere in Chastia FM by simply clicking on that IS object.

Typical examples of documents are:

  • Maps
  • Title deeds, parcel of land, real estates
  • Technical drawings (e.g. project documentation archive)
  • Electronic documents – text, spreadsheet, photo documentation and the like
  • Building energy certificates
  • Audit reports
  • Technical documentation of equipment provided by manufacturers
  • Contracts and amendments to contracts
  • Invoices
  • Correspondence
  • etc.

Documents can be entered into the central document repository manually – usually via relevant professional module or fully automatically (eg contracts, invoices, audit reports…)

The advantage of a centralized document repository lies in ensuring differentiated access to documents, securing documents against unauthorized changes and deletion.