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Chastia FM

Chastia FM is a comprehensive CAFM / CIFM / GIS (graphic information system) system designed to manage, record, operate, maintain and monitor the cost of tangible and intangible assets and related activities operation.

  • Facility Management
  • Property Management
  • Energy Management
  • Heat and other energy production and supply
  • software development since 1997
  • modular system
  • latest technologies used
  • years of know-how in the field


  • Chastia FM is a huge client of the Chastia information system.
  • Microsoft SQL Server database is used for data storage.
  • Chastia FM is consistently modular – allowing the individual development of each module without interfering with other modules, as well as a more flexible business policy – the ability to supply modules according to customer requirements.
  • All the information system drawings are stored in the database, which allows more efficient searching and sorting of drawings and graphic entities in drawings (eg automatic searching of all drawings containing the currently active object / area / device), types of drawings, groups of drawings,… are established.
  • All documents managed by the information system are stored in a database, which allows more effective searching and sorting of documents.


Facility Management

The software meets all requirements for comprehensive support of Facility Management processes. From object and facility passporting, through planned and unscheduled maintenance, energy management of buildings and invocing for these services.

Property Management

The solution is designed to provide a thorough record of areas, rental relationships, invoicing for premises and equipment renting , cumulative invoicing for rent, services and energy, rich reporting for property managers, finance departments, etc. The solution covers a complete agenda for property management processes.

Energy Management

The solution covers the complete agenda of records of delivery points, measuring points, meters, monitoring the meters´status and their possible budgeting for customers (tenants, etc.). The result of energy management is a very rich reporting and invoicing base.


The solution covers the complete agenda of the heat producer, records of delivery points, measuring points, meters, meter readings and subsequent invoicing for the energy produced by the customers.
Energy management will ensure quality monitoring and evaluation of energy consumption, balance of purchased media, produced heat and hot water, sold heat and hot water, calculating the efficiency of whole heat-technical equipment also in parts, automatic balancing of multi-fuel heat sources, automatic evaluation of normatives and the like.


Modules are separate parts of the program to address a specific area of activity. They can be developed independently of each other, even module development is also possible by the customer’s own efforts. At the same time, the modular system enables tailor-made solutions to the customer.

The modularity of the program system allows the customer to build a graphic information system gradually as he likes.

  • Universal modules – solve the basic records of assets and are independent of specialized modules. On the contrary, they provide basic functionality and support for specialized modules. Such universal modules are – Basic Module, Graphics, Catalogs and Documents.
  • Specialized modules – each of them addresses a specific area of management activities. Currently, the following modules are available: Assets, Areas and Premises, Energy and Services, Management and Rentals, Economics, Planning, Equipment Verification and Warehouses. Currently, other modules are being prepared and we will inform you in time.

Universal modules


The basic module represents the main pillar of the whole system. It is the only module that is required while building any business application.

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The graphic module consists of three basic objects – graphic editor, graphic viewer, editor of drawing print reports and a whole set of tools and commands for working with drawings for creating and editing a project.

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The module solves complete records of own and foreign companies including their employees in one place.

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Any number of electronic documents can be attached to each IS object. This module allows to create an electronic archive of all documents related to specific IS objects defined inthe Chastia FM system.

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All devices recorded in the information system may be incorporated into catalogs that contain all the necessary technical information for operation and maintenance, including an image or photograph.

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The module is used to record basic data on all building areas, lands, land parcels, objects, floors, sections of buildings, rooms, etc.

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The module allows property owners and managers to monitor all information related to managed or leased assets. It allows to keep records on the land and equipment management or lease, the services provided, contracts, land use, on management or rental revenue and the like.

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The object of the module is to record incoming payments for Chastie FM issued invoices, matching them to issued  documents, to monitor the receivables until they are fully settled, preparing, generating and sending reminders to non-payers.

The module also includes a detailed record of received invoices, approval processes of these documents up to the link to the ERP / accounting system.

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The module addresses the creation and generation of cost and revenue budgets. The data serve as a basis for the other budget monitoring modules.

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The module addresses support for three main areas of management activities – Energy Consumption Records, Energy and Services Budgeting (in technical and price units) and Energy Management.

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The module addresses the effective monitoring of the whole life cycle of the IS object from acquisition and inclusion into the assets up to the exclusion from the assets records. The most important part of the module is the creation of service activity plans (inspections, revisions, etc.) with support and understanding of legislation.

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Module solves verification of different types of devices. Typical applications include calibrating energy meters.

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This module deals with warehouse management. The module is especially useful for companies that do not have to handle warehouse management in accounting software, but need it, for example, for maintenance modules in Chastia FM.

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Chastia Helpdesk is a web-based extension of the Chastia FM system that records, monitors and addresses requests for unscheduled service activities primarily.

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