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Helpdesk solutions

Deployment of Chastia Helpdesk web-based solution enables to solve automated collection, solution and monitoring of a large number of requests from various areas.


Chastia Helpdesk will provide your employees and clients with a simple and powerful tool for entering their maintenance requirements or any service activity through a web application accessible via an Internet browser.

Request submitters will appreciate a simple and transparent way of monitoring the requirement solving process, they get information about the status of the solved tasks anytime and have the ability to comment on the request at any time.

Operators and requests solvers will appreciate a simple overview of requirements intended to be solved. They will never forget to solve the request thanks to automated deadline monitoring according to SLA contracts.

All the costs associated with the solution of the requests (warehouse-linked material) can be monitored for each request in detail. Excess costs can be invoiced directly to clients.


Chastia Helpdesk system significantly simplifies the collection and electronic approval of stores requisition or services within companies. You will never have to collect requisitions in a paper form and wait for the signature of responsible persons.
Every user is always provided with detailed information on the status of his/her requisitions anytime.


Do employees call or email their problems to technical department (eg IT) and you are already losing track of individual requests?
The whole process of solving requests becomes easier and more transparent by redirecting all the requests to Hotline in Chastia Helpdesk web information system.

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