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Energy consumption recording and budgeting is one of the most important activities of all building managers. In Chastia FM, the solution to this issue is very complex and user-friendly.

The solution enables recording and monitoring of all energies and services at the input, i.e. from suppliers, as well as energy and services costing within buildings at the output – i.e. to individual departments of their own company or tenants. It also enables the preparation of energy in technical units and prices as the basis for the actual sale of energy to its clients.

In particular, the solution allows:

  • Records of delivery points– supply, customer, own.
  • Records of delivery point parameters – eg areas, volumes, number of persons, manmonths, regulatory power, etc.
  • Records of measuring points
    • Consumption records
    • Consumption import
    • Manual consumption entry
    • Calculation of consumption in case of budgeting
    • Automatic consumption validation
    • Automatic calculation of disputed consumption by substitute methods
    • Calculation of energy prices using a built-in price list or individually
  • Fuel records– calorific value, combustion heat, quantity, …
  • Records of consumption diagrams and their use in consumption budgeting
  • Records of heating curves
  • Keep and maintain energy price lists
  • Calculation (budgeting) of energy consumption as a basis for invoicing
  • Record measuring points components (energy meters)
  • Plan calibration and meters repairs
  • Record the entire history of measuring point components in terms of calibration and repair
  • Record the entire history of the measuring points from the point of view of the presence of individual meter components at the measuring point

In the area of energy consumption recording and budgeting, Chastia FM is a solid basis for energy management as well as for energy and service invoicing to its customers.