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Monitoring building energy efficiency is very important for building managers. For this reason, Chastia FM has a powerful tool to support the evaluation and analysis of energy production, distribution and consumption for individual buildings as well as for individual final customers.

In this area, Chastia FM allows in particular:

  • Record climatic conditions (outdoor temperatures and day-degrees).
  • Generate various balance outputs automatically– from purchasing fuels and other auxiliary media, to heat and hot water production and distribution to final customers and delivery points.
  • Automatic analysis of multi-fuel heat sources (gas – coal – biomass – heat pump – cogeneration unit – heat transfer stations and the like)  – such analyses tend to be very time-consuming in conventional evaluation. Preset algorithms allow Chastia FM to handle analyses automatically.
  • Automatic evaluation of normatives.
  • Automatic calculation of heating systems actual efficiency.
  • Automatic calculation of heating equipment normative efficiency and comparison with actual efficiency.
  • Automatic calculation of additional profit.
  • Automatic calculation of the heat price actual variable component.
  • Generate data for heat price calculation.
  • Evaluate the energy efficiency of operation plant, investments and the like, using the Monitoring & Targeting method.
  • Analyze energy management through parametric reports and graphs.
  • Define own analytical outputs.