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The module addresses support for three main areas of management activities – Energy Consumption Records, Energy and Services Budgeting (in technical and price units) and Energy Management.

In particular, the module allows:

  • Address energy and services recording and budgeting.
    This module monitors all types of energy and services deductions as well as the received invoices costs at regular and irregular intervals, and allocates these consumptions to individual customers, tenants, and the like.
    Budgeting results serve as a basis for energy and services invoicing in the ‘Management and Rentals’ module.
    The module allows to work with terms such as delivery point, measuring point, type of measurement, consumption diagram, heating curve, etc.
    Versatility and maximum adaptability of the module are supported by features such as – unlimited number of regular and irregular billing periods, user-definable drag and drop computing tree structures,  user-definable budgeting methods, possibility to define your own formulas (as easily as in a spreadsheet) and so on.
  • Evaluation of energy consumption and energy and services costs.
    This part of the module addresses the monitoring of climatic conditions, fuel calorific values and operating energy consumption for the purpose of detailed analysis – eg for the purpose of determining the economy of energy management in a building, analysis of heat production efficiency, etc. at regular intervals. For these analyses it is also possible to use data obtained in the part of energy budgeting.
    The evaluation is carried out according to a number of criteria – consumption course at the measuring point at a specific time, furthermore, energy consumption related to measuring area, heated area, number of persons, number of climatic day-degrees, etc.
    Possibility of color evaluation of energy consumption in drawings and evaluating energy consumption using parametric graphs are features of a great importance.
  • To use the Monitoring & Targeting method, which allows to monitor energy consumption systematically in relation to selected parameters (number of products, climatic conditions, etc.).
    Based on the collection and analysis of consumption data (monitoring), it provides sufficient basis for deciding on austerity measures implementation (setting a savings target) and subsequently for evaluating the effectiveness of the measures taken objectively expressed in cumulative energy savings in both technical and price units.
    After initial setup it is possible to use this tool in Chastia FM at any time to obtain a comprehensive analysis of the given energy for all monitored delivery points by running a single command.
  • Import energy consumption. Source data for energy budgeting can be entered either manually or by importing from any data source. The most common source is represented by consumption data obtained from remote readings of energy meters or central control station of energy management in the company.
    For this purpose, a comfortable parametric tool for importing energy consumption has been developed in Chastia FM. This tool enables to import consumption at any time, for any period, by a simple click. It is also possible to import data automatically in the selected time interval.