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Any number of electronic documents can be attached to each IS object. This module allows to create an electronic archive of all documents related to specific IS objects defined in the Chastia FM system. The multimedia capabilities of this document archive are unlimited.

The documents module allows:

  • Integration of documents into the hierarchy of assets (premises, buildings,…, facilities) by assigning them to a specific IS object.
  • Extremely fast document search and instant access and edit searches through IS objects.
  • Establishment of a central archive of documents independent of IS objects. Documents are sorted into groups (directories) in the tree structure.
  • Attach documents that are not attached to any IS object – i.e. company-wide. These documents are accessible from anywhere within the Chastia FM project.
  • Use the module as a repository for automatically generated documents from other Chastia FM modules – such as contracts, contract amendments, invoices, billing, etc.
  • It is possible to attach any document from your local disk as a file to the document archive. These documents can be sorted and organized into folders similar to Microsoft Windows system.

Examples of registered documents:

  • CAD drawings
  • Text and spreadsheet documents
  • Internet pages
  • Raster images
  • Photos
  • Audio recordings
  • Video recordings
  • and all other electronic documents