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Basic module

The basic module represents the main pillar of the whole system. It is the only module that is required while building any business application.

The module contains several subsystems that ensure its operation:

  • Records of information system objects (IS objects) – each IS object can be described by its properties, which can be freely defined by the user for each type of IS object.
    In addition to descriptive data (passport), an image and a note can be attached to the object.
    Common properties of IS objects can be cataloged. The catalog item is attached to the IS object.
    An information system object (IS object) is any object, building part, equipment, intangible assets and the like that is subject to monitoring within the information system.
  • Structures – IS objects can be logically organized into hierarchical structures. The number of such structures is unlimited. Typical structures may be eg spatial structure, organizational structure, technological structure etc. Each IS object can be simultaneously assigned to several structures at the same time.
    All these structures are used for fast searching of IS objects, their localization within structures, filtering, sorting and so on. One possibility of their use may be eg crisis management.
  • Codebooks– the basic module contains a number of standard and user-definable codebooks that can be used in most other modules.